New Certified Agile Leadership Training: We bring you the details

The Scrum Alliance programme for Agile leaders – so far known as CAL I – is now divided into three sub-courses: CAL-Essentials, CAL-Teams, and CAL-Organizations. The aim was to innovate in order to provide a more flexible, customizable training path for leaders looking to learn.

The new CAL

Based on feedback from instructors and students Scrum Alliance decided to expand the programme to accommodate the participants of the two main target groups. The flexible program makes it easier to meet personal and professional needs and gives the trainer more autonomy to make the content more personalized. The three new sub-trainings are as follows:

Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials

This entry-level course is designed to draw attention to the basics of agile leadership and help with basic understanding. Exploring the mindset, focus, and behavior of agile leaders allows participants to begin their learning journey about what it means to be an agile leader in a workplace nowadays.

Certified Agile Leadership – Teams

This training prepares leaders to lead agile teams effectively and gives them up-to-date tools. Prerequisite is completion of the Essentials training.

Certified Agile Leadership – Organizations

CAL Organizations provides hands-on knowledge for those who want to lead agile operations or transformation in leadership positions in larger organizations and companies. Prerequisite is completion of the Essentials training.

Detailed agenda and descriptions are available on our CAL training page.

All three courses provide separate Scrum Alliance certifications that are valid for two years. In order to progress to CAL II certification, after CAL Essentials one can choose to specialize by completing the Teams or Organizations training, but it is also possible to complete all three workshops as well. Courses can be taken all at once, or even months between them.

What happens to the old CAL I certificate?

As of 2021, CAL I courses can no longer be held and only new certificates can be obtained. For those who have previously completed this training, there is a free option (contact teamleaders [at] scrumalliance [dot] org) to update their certificate for free to one of the following options:

If someone does not wish to use this option, the CAL I certificate will be retained without an expiration date, renewal fee and requirements.

Source: Scrum Alliance