What does Scrum mean – What is Scrum?

Scrum has been the most widely used Agile framework since its inception and still is today. Its popularity is demonstrated by the fact that the word Scrum is sometimes used as a synonym for Agile, which unfortunately leads to many misunderstandings. It is therefore important…

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Funny side of a Scrum meeting, consultants laughing

What is technical debt?

“If you carry this way of working on for months or years, you get a lot of technical debt …” states the blogpost we have been covering recently. Unfortunately, it is only a declaration, lacking any kind of explanation. Therefore it is impossible to argue…

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Agile training coordination team brainstorms on courses

What requirement changes are bad?

There is a blogpost on quora.com dealing with the topic of why some developers in prominent companies think of agile methodology as nonsense. The post concludes that the agile model is only usable for time-critical, short term projects lasting a maximum of six weeks. It…

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Marketing planning with agile techniques and post-its

Feature selection made easy with this quick guide

Have you heard the phrase “Everything is important!” or “Everything is top priority”? Such statements can result in effects that ripple through product development. No matter what, delivery teams will have the same work capacity and they won’t be able to deliver more. Forcing the…

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