Great idea: save on the Scrum Master!

You can’t count how many times we hear this idea: one of our developers will be 50% Scrum Master and it’s done. We’ve even heard 10%. Problem solved. We don’t have to deal with the hiring and training of a separate Scrum Master, our Scrum…

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Team meeting of Sprint Consulting's Agile consultants

Agile principles: sustainability

Sustainability is the final topic in our series interpreting the principles of the Agile Manifesto, which is twenty-two years old this year. (Previous articles in the series can be found here: customer satisfaction, change vs product design, team, communication. The importance of sustainability, and the…

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Agile Principles: Communication

The next topic in our series on Agile principles is communication. (Previous articles of this series can be found here: customer satisfaction, change vs planning, team.) In a nutshell: Agile puts personal communication first. This is underlined by the sixth principle of the Agile Manifesto:…

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Hogyan működik az agilis home officeban? Agilis blogunk legújabb cikkében ezt mutatjuk be.

Agile versus Home office

It’s not news to anyone that the pandemic has caused many people to withdraw to their home offices, in one form or another. But what happens to teams using Agile methodologies, since agility puts a strong emphasis on personal presence and personal communication. Won’t they…

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Agile principles: Team

After the topics of customer satisfaction and change vs product design, we continue our series on interpreting Agile principles with the question of teams. When the Agile principles emerged, many product development teams were operating as much looser units and with much less autonomy than…

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Management meeting, CEO presents from laptop

Scrum versus individual development, career path

We continue the analysis of the article linked in the previous post with the following half-sentence: ‘Scrum practice of ignoring peoples’ career goals and their individual talents’. Unfortunately, the fact is that there are plenty of Scrum implementations where the above statement has become true….

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Marketing planning with agile techniques and post-its

How does a group become a team

The confusion between the terms “team” and “group” is a common phenomenon. A few people get chosen, told that they are a team, maybe even are put in the same office, and then are expected to perform a miracle. The miracle doesn’t come. Because there…

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The future of Agility 2/2. – Product thinking

On 22 and 23 September the first Agile Get-Together glocal Agile conference took place in Budapest and thanks to online streaming worldwide, organised by Sprint Consulting and UST. The main sponsor of the event was Morgan Stanley. The conference keynote speakers Diana Larsen, Linda Rising…

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