Agile consultants meet at the office of Sprint Consulting

A Scrum Master’s day

In our article “Who is the Scrum Master?” we examined what the general responsibilities of a Scrum Master are, who makes a good Scrum Master and the role of certificates in the training process. In this article we take a closer look at how a…

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Agile consultants looking at Trello board while drinking coffee

The “Other” Standup Meeting

Today we want to tell you about a simple trick: a different kind of standup meeting. The daily standup is the most famous – the most notorious – element of Scrum; to this day, there are leaders who think that if a few people stand…

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Great idea: save on the Scrum Master!

You can’t count how many times we hear this idea: one of our developers will be 50% Scrum Master and it’s done. We’ve even heard 10%. Problem solved. We don’t have to deal with the hiring and training of a separate Scrum Master, our Scrum…

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Team meeting of Sprint Consulting's Agile consultants

Agile principles: sustainability

Sustainability is the final topic in our series interpreting the principles of the Agile Manifesto, which is twenty-two years old this year. (Previous articles in the series can be found here: customer satisfaction, change vs product design, team, communication. The importance of sustainability, and the…

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Agile Principles: Communication

The next topic in our series on Agile principles is communication. (Previous articles of this series can be found here: customer satisfaction, change vs planning, team.) In a nutshell: Agile puts personal communication first. This is underlined by the sixth principle of the Agile Manifesto:…

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