Marketing team prepares monthly reports

Home office horror?

As the pandemic winds down, employers are asking even more frequently whether they should continue to provide work-from-home opportunities or whether they should return to the pre-pandemic situation. Although the majority of managers eventually decide to keep the home office as an option, some still…

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What does Scrum mean – What is Scrum?

Scrum has been the most widely used Agile framework since its inception and still is today. Its popularity is demonstrated by the fact that the word Scrum is sometimes used as a synonym for Agile, which unfortunately leads to many misunderstandings. It is therefore important…

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Agile training coordination team brainstorms on courses using sticky notes

Sticky notes on the wall – but why?

For many people, the first encounter with an agile team is an almost surreal experience: serious, educated people standing in front of a wall covered in colourful sticky notes, gesticulating wildly and arguing about something with faces aglow. What are these strange rituals, what is…

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Senior agile consultants discuss transformation strategy

What are metrics and how do you use them?

There are a lot of misconceptions about metrics inside and outside of the agile world. Metrics are tools providing feedback about one single aspect of an area under surveillance, and nothing more. They are not goals. It is dangerous to derive conclusions based on a…

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