Funny side of a Scrum meeting, consultants laughing

What is technical debt?

“If you carry this way of working on for months or years, you get a lot of technical debt …” states the blogpost we have been covering recently. Unfortunately, it is only a declaration, lacking any kind of explanation. Therefore it is impossible to argue…

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Agile training coordination team brainstorms on courses

What requirement changes are bad?

There is a blogpost on dealing with the topic of why some developers in prominent companies think of agile methodology as nonsense. The post concludes that the agile model is only usable for time-critical, short term projects lasting a maximum of six weeks. It…

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Senior agile consultants discuss transformation strategy

Learn more about agile product development

In today’s post we take a deeper look at a statement from the essay we have already been covering in a series of Hungarian blogposts. The passage we would like to analyse states: “Product development and architecture aren’t the programmer’s job, because they take longer…

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Team meeting of Sprint Consulting's Agile consultants

Top Management’s Relationship with Agile Methodologies

For any successful agile transformation it is essential to train all three involved parties (management, delivery and business side) within an organization – says Árpád Zsolt Bodó, the founder of Sprint Consulting. Today an agile training program, built into the employers’ compensation packages, is very…

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