Hogyan működik az agilis home officeban? Agilis blogunk legújabb cikkében ezt mutatjuk be.

Agile versus Home office

It’s not news to anyone that the pandemic has caused many people to withdraw to their home offices, in one form or another. But what happens to teams using Agile methodologies, since agility puts a strong emphasis on personal presence and personal communication. Won’t they…

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Marketing planning with agile techniques and post-its

How does a group become a team

The confusion between the terms “team” and “group” is a common phenomenon. A few people get chosen, told that they are a team, maybe even are put in the same office, and then are expected to perform a miracle. The miracle doesn’t come. Because there…

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Leadership competences in Agility

The classical theory of leadership, honed over a century, has been enriched with new characteristics, techniques and insights with the rise of Agility. What is the difference between a manager and a leader? When and how is it recommended to lead teams with different levels…

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Agile training coordination team brainstorms on courses using sticky notes

Sticky notes on the wall – but why?

For many people, the first encounter with an agile team is an almost surreal experience: serious, educated people standing in front of a wall covered in colourful sticky notes, gesticulating wildly and arguing about something with faces aglow. What are these strange rituals, what is…

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