About Motivation 3.0

In a comment on our previous post “Team morale in agility“, we received criticism for mentioning the issue of salary increases when discussing morale.

The criticism is legitimate, it is true that motivation is not about money, but we have deliberately referred to it, because our experience is that you cannot ignore financial issues when it comes to morale and motivation. On one hand, because many people still think that if you need to motivate people, give them money, and on the other hand, because those who have recognised other motivators can fall into the trap of not taking money seriously enough. As Dan Pink, famous for his theory of Motivation 3.0, says, the answer is “take the problem of money off the table”. Of course, as long as the workers have to worry about how they will feed their children and pay for their mortgage, no matter how dreamlike all the other circumstances are, they will not be motivated. You have to find the right level and then look for other motivators instead of financial rewards. They are not motivators – in certain situations you cannot be motivated from outside – but only conditions which, if you create them, can trigger internal motivation.

To learn more about the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the conditions for intrinsic motivation and the research behind it, watch the video below: