The curriculum is designed for all levels of Agile Leaders, from total beginners to those who have multiple years of experience as well.

Why is the curriculum the best choice?

The Agile Leader education programme starts with the Agile for Management training, which provides the basis of not just the practices of the methodology but the philosophy behind it, a quick introduction to the frameworks most often used in agile environments: Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban and a high-level overview of how to lead agile transformations. This training is also ideal as preparation for decision making before starting an Agile transformation programme.

What you get

After the foundation level, the programme offers higher level workshops to introduce participants to the latest trends in management and leadership, help them decide when management and which leadership attitudes are more beneficial to use, provide them with tools to help motivate, mentor and coach both individuals and teams, create and evaluate KPIs and become true Agile leaders.


The Ultimate Agile Leader Curriculum consists of the following set of training items extended by an optional mentoring programme:

  1. Agile for Management training
  2. Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) training
  3. Agile Leadership training
  4. Management 3.0 training
  5. A3 workshop
  6. Scaling training (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Spotify
    depending on the model the organization chooses)

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The curriculum can be extended with our mentoring programme, containing individual coaching and mentoring sessions with our experienced agile consultants.
(Not part of the price offer below.)

All the workshops, although available independently as well, are designed with the expectation that participants have mastered the theories and tools offered on the lower levels.


Executives | Line Managers | Project Managers | Product Managers | HR Managers


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