The curriculum is designed for all levels of Agile Team Members, from total beginners to those who have multiple years of experience as well.

Why is the curriculum the best choice?

In Agile organizations, all members of cross-functional teams are being involved not just in delivery, but also in shaping the product and the processes around it. Thus, their education in the theory and the agile mindset is just as important as that of all the other roles. Therefore, this curriculum also starts with the Scrum / Agile Elevation training, providing a full overview and a very strong basis on which to build. In environments where Kanban or Scrumban is being used or at least considered, this training also includes a 6 hours add-on course.

Apart from the methodology focused training, in the full programme developers will also receive technical training and learn Test Driven Development, an important development practice that helps improve code and product quality and fulfill the Agile promise of sustainable development. This training requires strong development skills, thus we do not recommend it for manual testers. The TDD training also includes clean code and refactoring practices for some technologies.


The Ultimate Agile Team Member Curriculum consists of the following set of training items with a possibility of an additional optional mentoring programme:

  1. Scrum / Agile Elevation training
  2. Kanban / Scrumban add-on training
  3. Agile Requirement Engineering training
  4. Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) training
  5. Test Driven Development Training (available for .Net, Java, PHP and Ruby)
  6. Scaling training (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Spotify depending on the model the
    organization chose)
  7. Individual Mentoring

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