Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) Training


Martin Klose

Martin has over 15 year’s software development experience and helping teams to improve their development approaches and practices.

Having run countless software development workshops, he knows how important it is to create a situation, in which the participants are engaged the learning experience, rather than just watching it happen. His workshops are hands-on where much of the work is done by the participants.

Martin believes that in order to raise the bar in the software industry, we need to take the time to share knowledge and to learn from one another. Accordingly, he helped start the Software Craftsmanship Movement in Europe, in which he is still actively involved.


The participants will learn and demonstrate their abilities to work as a member of a scrum team. They will build and expand their knowledge of agile development practices, enabling them to deliver qualitative software which is able to handle change.


Software developers, scrum development team members.


The workshop contains a mix of hands on sessions, group exercises as well as presentations on important agile software development techniques and practices.

The most important aspect of the workshop is working jointly on an application as you walk through the entire Scrum process. How do we do this? In the workshop we will run multiple scrum sprints in several teams and ship working software. Every team will have their own continuous delivery pipeline setup and a full-stack application that needs to be extended.

The application we will be working on is written in Java; however, since we work in teams, pairing with one another, and since the application is covered by tests as well as connected to a continuous integration environment, we have found that developers unfamiliar with Java are also able to work on it.

Participants are required to complete a written assessment to demonstrate they have understood the agile development practices shown in the workshop.

In order to obtain the CSD Certification, participants need to actively participate in the course as well as pass the assessment. Additionally they need to successfully complete two additional workshop days, which are usually covered by a CSM (Certified Scrum Master) course.


  • Participants are expected to bring their own laptops with Java installed.
  • Handout (English) will be provided for the participants.