Reading List: Turn the Ship Around, L. David Marquet

What can a US Navy captain do if he is suddenly appointed to command an unfamiliar submarine with a crew widely known about its low morale, bad results and high dropout rate? 

Naturally, he entrusts them to manage the submarine! He works miracles, overcomes the vicious circle, turns negative trends around and by doing so, he develops the crew’s navy rating from the worst to the best. 

How and with what kind of leadership techniques has captain L. David Marquet achieved this? You can find out from this book, which is compulsory for every leader and – since according to captain Marquet, everyone is a leader – for everyone interested in effective, qualitative and enjoyable work.

Written by: Gábor Erényi, Sprint Consulting

Cover of L. David Marquet's book called Turn the Ship Around!