The curriculum is designed for all levels of Product Owners, from total beginners to those who have multiple years of experience as well.

Why is the curriculum the best choice?

The Product Owner education programme is designed to help participants become professional Product Owners in agile environments. Understanding the methodology is key for this role as well, therefore the programme starts with the Scrum training, providing a full overview and a very strong basis on which to build. After that, the programme offers more and more advanced workshops gradually introducing techniques that help POs take full business responsibility for products developed in an agile fashion; from the vision to production and support.


The Ultimate Product Owner Curriculum consists of the following set of training items extended by an optional mentoring programme:

  1. Scrum / Agile Elevation training
  2. Kanban / Scrumban add-on training
  3. Agile Requirement Engineering training
  4. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training
  5. Advanced Scrum Product Owner training
  6. Scaling training (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Spotify
    depending on the model the organization chose)
  7. (Individual Mentoring – optional)

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There is a possibility to extend the curriculum with our mentoring programme, containing individual coaching and mentoring sessions with our experienced agile consultants.
(Not part of the price offer below.)

All the workshops, although available independently as well, are designed with the expectation that participants have mastered the theories and tools offered on the lower levels.


Product Owners | Product Managers | Program Managers | Business Analysts | Business Managers | Senior Business Experts | PMO Members


Online price: 3900 EUR + VAT / Participant

Classroom price: 4500 EUR + VAT / Participant

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