Readiness check

Are you considering switching to Agile?

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Are you considering switching to Agile?We will assess whether your company is ready for the change.

If the answer is yes, we’ll prepare a roadmap and determine the appropriate methodology.

If it wouldn’t give enough value, we’ll recommend you not to use consultants.

Agile Audit

You have been using Agile, but something is missing?

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Your company has already switched to Agile, but something is still missing?We will examine where and how could it be improved.

If needed, we can implement a transformation update to refresh and better your processes.


You have decided on switching to Agile already?

Readiness check » Training » Transformation » Follow-up

A full Agile transformation of your company is achieved through training sessions, consultation and coaching activities.In order to provide the best solution for your business domain and conditions, we offer a tailored methodology.


Don’t want to commit without trying it first?


We organize training sessions independently from transformation projects as well, such as management training, decision-maker training, ramp-up for new team members, SM and PO training, etc. You will definitely find the workshop most suitable for you, but if not, we can design a custom workshop tailored for your needs.

Agile Bootcamp

Do you need a quick Agile transformation?

Agile Bootcamp » Follow-up

With our 5-8 days Agile Bootcamp you can kick-start your Agile transformation on the selected product / project or even across the full organization. The assessment, all the necessary training sessions, coaching and consultancy efforts are condensed into a very intensive week or two, during which your team(s) not just prepare, but immediately start working in an Agile fashion. After the kick-off, later, bundled consultation activities ensure the process is not only started right, but is continuously improving and going in the right direction.

Product design workshops

Need to design your brand new product with your development teams?

Product design workshops

Thinking ahead is extremely important, even in Agile projects. Our experienced facilitators guide your business stakeholder and development team through a series of workshops in order to best prepare your initial product backlog. Starting from defining a shared vision and a common set of goals, going through the collection of a full set of high level features, defining your roadmap including the MVP (minimum viable product) and further potential releases, at the end of this 3-5 days long collaboration you also get a high level estimate for the MVP, which both budgeting and go / no-go decisions can be based on.

Are you interested?

Be Agile. Work Agile.

It‘s time to switch to Agile! Have you been using Agile already but something is just missing? Contact us. Our CRM representative, Andrea and Júlia will contact you right away.